Go even further in improving the performance of your company

The Stock, Job Planning, Etipaq, Workshop Collection modules and the Cogilog Gestion invoicing module allow you to exploit all the productivity capabilities of Cadratin

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With the STOCK MANAGEMENT module, finally manage your consumables precisely to optimize your purchases and your cash flow
Simplify the management of your consumables

The module allows you to manage your stock and your purchases of printing media, plates, inks and packaging.

Start restocking at the best time

The architecture adopted provides a unique level of simplification: assisted assignment of printing media, automated supply and order entry, real-time valuation, etc.

Industrialize your stock monitoring indicators and tools

This module also offers the possibility of changing the reference, initially provided for in the quote, of proposing a ream/pallet correspondence, etc.

This stock traceability is a prerequisite for obtaining the PEFC, FSC and other others environmental labels.

* The production module is required. Select the number of workstations of your Cadratin license

With the JOB PLANNING module, automatically feed your teams' calendars

Seamless integration with Apple Calendar

The Job Planning module allows Cadratin to be linked to the Calendar application, delivered by Apple on all Macs / Ipads / Iphones.

Simply manage your load plans

The role of this module is to extract from one or more production job the different tasks to be produced on the workstations, then to send them to Calendar for planning.

The production tasks defined by a workstation (an offset press, a folding machine, etc.), a forecast delivery date and a duration are automatically extracted from the productions.


* The production module is required. Select the number of workstations of your Cadratin license

Simplify your shipments with the ETIPAQ module
Edit your labels in one click

The Etipaq extension generates labels for the different packaging for your deliveries.

The reference of the order, the name of the customer, the quantity, the number of each package, the numbering in the case of bundles, etc. are mentioned.


* The production module is required. Select the number of workstations of your Cadratin license

Launch a continuous improvement process with the WORKSHOP COLLECTION module
Collect the actual completion times for each activity

It is a functional interface for the workshop to trigger the progress and closing of production jobs in order to collect all the actual manufacturing times and materials.

Minimize the actions of each operator

Data collection is done by operator, by customer, by job, etc.

The interface can be controlled by bar code reading (reader not supplied).


* The production module is required. The number of workshop collection workstations can be higher or lower than the number of workstations of your Cadratin license

Extend your commercial approach to invoices thanks to COGILOG GESTION
Simplify your invoicing procedures

The Mac Cogilog Gestion application allows you to simply customize the format of your invoices, send them to your customers and simply monitor your receipts.

Automatic integration with Cadratin

The automatic connector between Cadratin and Cogilog Gestion allows you to transform Cadratin’s validated quotes or delivery form into invoices for Cogilog with just one click.

Customers created in Cadratin are automatically created in Cogilog Gestion.

An introduction to accounting

Whether you wish to internalize your accounting with the Cogilog Compta software, with another software or whether you outsource this mission to your accounting firm, the Cogilog Gestion software allows you to generate accounting entry files from your invoices.

* The transfer module is required. A demo version of Cogilog software is available on this link .