About us

28 years of experience in the Graphic Industries

Cadratin Software is a software publisher exclusively for the Graphics Industries. Based in Blagnac (Toulouse, France), Cadratin Software was created in 1994 and its employees include technicians from the world of printing. A member of the Baelen Group since 2021, Cadratin works closely with the group’s other software publishers, in particular Cogilog and Shop Application.

The software range offered by Cadratin Software is designed to integrate with commercial print shops, integrated print shops, manufacturing offices, etc. with a predilection for companies of 2 to 100 people.

Software Cadratin software is designed for optimized calculations for flat or reel supports, and for commercial follow-up of quotations.

A set of modular extensions (offset, digital, reel, production, stock and purchases, network, invoicing, etc.) increases its possibilities: the uses are thus multiple, extending from the single estimate module to the complete CAPM (management of production).

In 2021, Cadratin Software will join SoftNext, a group of companies specializing in the development of software and mobile applications, to pursue its growth and expansion strategy.

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Unique technical expertise in Europe

For several years leader in France on Mac, Cadratin is the only product on this market developed in native language for macOS: the insurance for you to use software taking advantage of the best of Apple technology.

Now available on Windows PC, with the same features as on the Mac, Cadratin offers a unique experience on both Mac and PC. It’s the software that adapts to your computer equipment and not the other way around.

The updates and evolution of the range are directly linked to our policy of systematic referencing of all suggestions and criticisms. The needs specific to your structure are therefore probably already among those encountered by the hundreds of Cadratin users.

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Innovative technology

Unlike most software packages developed from a DBMS (database management system), Cadratin is built around a central module — the calculation core — to which is connected a unique data recording technology, enabling instant indexing, on-the-fly compression, and the elimination of traditional DBMS slowdowns.

This difference leads to a very clear difference in performance: thus, whatever the weight of your database, the opening and recording of a part (quote, production, etc.) remain instantaneous; moreover, in the network version, the calculation is carried out as in single station, there also quickly, for your greatest comfort.

Client/Server architecture

The network version of Cadratin uses the TCP/IP protocol characterized by its reliability and reputation as a standard.
The Server application manages the requests sent by your workstations in real time. Major advantage, all the calculations and complex processing are the responsibility of the client workstations: the resulting velocity will remain the same when increasing the size of your database.

Remote access

Cadratin can authorize connections to its database from the outside, via the Internet (box, WiFi, 3/4G), for example for multi-site companies or traveling salespeople.


In addition to benefiting from a secure database, Cadratin is equipped with an access management system, limiting access to all or part of its interface, for a user or a group of users, thus preserving the confidentiality of your data.

Required configuration

Cadratin is delivered for macOS and soon Windows PC. By design, the software requires little power

  • A Mac based on an Intel i3, i5, i7 or i9 processor, 8 GB of RAM or more and a system from 10.12 or higher.
  • A Windows PC on Windows 10 or higher.

A few minutes are enough to install the software from an installer. The first part of the user manual includes a Quick Start chapter which, step by step, introduces you to the main features of Cadratin.