With Cadratin, facilitate and optimize the organization of your production

Formerly synonymous with complexity and heaviness, production management is facilitated at all levels with Cadratin

The division of the production process by stages and by equipment according to the characteristics validated in the quote allows you to automatically assign the missions to each workstation of the printing plant

Team building _Flatline

Why organize your workshop with Cadratin?


Better communication

Workshop workers see live the progress of each production, and are informed of the tasks incumbent on them


Email/SMS notifications

Keep your customers informed of key milestones in their productions by sending automatic notifications by email and/or SMS


Reduce errors

Avoid omissions and errors in purchases and, as a direct consequence, improve your profitability.

All features of the production module

The creation of a new production from an accepted quote is immediate and automated : optional edition of a summary order confirmation and edition of the manufacturing form mentioning the stages, descriptions, materials and technical choices for the workshop.

These documents are of course customizable in terms of their presentation and content.

Dossier de fabrication

A competitive rate that adapts to your organization

Annual program

Single station version

Use on 1 station

Multistation version

From 2 to 100 stations

Single station version

Use on 1 station

Multistation version

From 2 to 100 stations

The Annual Program consists of an annual fee giving you access to:

  • With Cadratin software
  • To remote assistance (by phone, email or directly via the software)
  • To the latest updates available as soon as they are put online

Note: the preliminary installation of the Quote module is necessary to use the Production module